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Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year, dear friends!

Hope 2021 is better for all of us!!!

Here are Cooper x MJ puppies pictured at 3 weeks...

...they drank too much on New Year's Eve (milk, that is...), their faces are all wet! lol!

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How to Register Your New AKC Sheltie Puppy

There are a couple of ways to do it...

A. Mail the Official Ownership Registration Form you've received from your Breeder, with all steps and information filled out, to AKC.


B. Online (easier and cheaper):

(See direct link below, but if you go to www.AKC.org, click on Products & Services Tab > Services > Register a Purebred Dog > I am a New Owner > Continue to Registration)

1. Go to www.AKC.org/dogreg

2. Enter your e-mail address and AKC Registration Number (it starts with DN#)

3. Click "Continue" and follow the step-by-step instructions

4. PIN Number for the application is on the Yellow area on the form

5. Registration Type: if puppy was sold as a pet/companion on Limited Registration, there's no need to type a number

6. Dog/New Owner Information: Color, Microchip Number, Names, Address, etc

Puppies' names should start with FAIRBROOK (enter name of choice)

7. Don't forget to add AKC Reunite to register the Microchip!!! (Choose Silver Registration or above)

You can also choose to purchase (or not) a Pedigree and other products...make sure you check or unckeck boxes, so you don't get extra products you don't want!

8. Pay and you're all set!

AKC will e-mail and send you the Registration Certificate!

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